Petland Hoffman Estates

Rich F.

Rich F.

October 8, 2021

I started my journey with this petland location roughly 3 weeks ago.I friend had suggested that I go see this cute boxer puppy she saw there as Ive been talking about wanting one for a while now. Upon seeing her because of her awesome personality & cuteness how could you not fall in love with her, Karen that first afternoon I went to see her was very helpful & answered all my questions. I put the puppy on hold so I could take her home the next day after work as I work right across the street from this location. Unfortunately the puppy was sick the night I wanted to take her home. Karen wasn’t there that night so I dealt with Amanda who was very helpful as well. She felt terrible that the puppy wasn’t able to go home, but because of the concern for the puppies well being to not just send her home any way I felt comfortable still moving forward in taking the puppy home. During that time Amanda & her Mgr. Mike did everything they could to keep me in the loop of the puppies care so she could go home. Again that helped give me piece of mind that it was ok to move forward in still taking the puppy home. Finally after a week of care getting the puppy well she was ready to go home. The night I went to pick up the puppy Amanda was there to help me. She did an amazing job answering all of my silly questions as well as wanting to ensure I was happy. She even stayed over an hour past her time to go home. I also work in a retail environment like Amanda. She went above & beyond the call of duty that night. She also helped me pick out some great things to care for my new puppy. Fast forward 2 weeks now that Roxie my new boxer puppy went home. I took her for her first vet visit & my fears of her being sick initially were completely gone as the vet showed no concerns for any health concerns. Roxies doing great adjusting to her new home, meeting new dog friends etc. She has such a loving and fun personality that melts your heart. The care bag etc. you get sent home with too is so helpful. Thank you petland for showing me & my puppy so much care. Oh yeah if you want a very cool puppy Roxies sister is now at this location. She too has a fun loving personality like Roxie as I went to see her. Every time I visit the store everyone here is so helpful.

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