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Jessica Martin

Customer Comments: Good

SUZANNE gorman

Customer Comments: Huge fish selection!

Gaby Hernandez

Customer Comments: I love it :)cause it's were i got my puppy "Maltese" from and all the supplies that i need :)!!!

Sammy Foxrumor

Customer Comments: Plenty of pets and fish for your pet and fish needs.

Joe Zavoli

Customer Comments: It's funny how people blame the owners of a pet store for problems with a dog that cannot be controlled. I know for a fact that any petland owned by the star family is run fantastically and that they buy their puppies direct from USDA approved breeders, so any problem with the puppies purchased from their stores is a result of poor care of the animal after the fact of purchasing from petland or neglect. They do anything and everything to make sure that the puppies they have are taken care of and come from a great place. Please do not put out libel about a store that you had on bad experience at because ill bet my bottom dollar that everyone will have at least one bad experience anywhere they go.

Osman Elmazi

Customer Comments: It was a great place to get a dog

Jim Petykowski

Customer Comments: Great store with a lot of selections


Customer Comments: Like a mini zoo!

Bogdan Biscos-Vinesar

Customer Comments: Great discounts with the membership!!!

silvia maria

Customer Comments: All the reps at Petland that i spoke to were friendly and helpful & the one that showed the puppies to my 11yr old son was as well friendly & courteous. We did not leave disappointed from Petland. Well worth the drive from Chicago IL to Petland.

Hugo Sr.

Customer Comments: Great selection of African Cichlids.

Jerry DeMoll

Customer Comments: my kids love this store

Jeff A

Customer Comments: Great place to kill time on dates. Go play with a puppy or two!

Emily Gruber

Customer Comments: The child I nanny for when here for a birthday party, the place was spacious, clean, staff were great, and the birthday party was lot of fun!

Chloe Cheyenne Altez

Customer Comments: Big selection. Very clean. And the staff are the coolest.

Joshua Smith

Customer Comments: This is the only place I go for my reptile supplies. They've got a knowledgeable staff and a good variety of products as well as pets. The store is divided into two separate areas both accessed from the street, but connecting inside as well. There's a reptile/aquatic side and a dog/cat/rodent side.

Karen C

Customer Comments: I went to the Petland on Golf Rd in Hoffman Estates with trepidation -- having read some spectacularly negative reviews. Somewhat to my surprise, the store was clean, well lighted and both pets and merchandise were very attractively organised and displayed. The only scent I detected was that of fresh wood-based bedding. Cages and display cases were appropriate for the size and number of pets they contained and were very clean. Pets appeared healthy, groomed and well fed. In the course of my visit to purchase a Persian kitten, I was greeted immediately and ultimately interacted with three staff members -- all of whom were welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. They also -- perhaps more importantly -- clearly cared about the animals. The pet I selected was six months old, and the entire staff were excited that he was finally 'going home'. Overall, I had a fantastic experience!

Funny stuff Roche

Customer Comments: This place is amazing... I bought a small puppy and she is amazing she is so nice and is ab 1 year old I love her so much go to this place to get your dogs because this is the best puppy in the world . Idk how everyone had negative reviews ab this place


Customer Comments: Great place to get a little puppy

Nate Otake

Customer Comments: Amazing staff great puppy choice's

Ryan Moreland

Customer Comments: Recently visited with my family and was pleasantly surprised to see very happy and playful puppies. We had private time with several of the animals and they all seemed full of joy. The puppies all come from USDA approved breeders, and many of them are AKC registered which was reassuring. Also, several staff members shared stories about recent adoptions of puppies, and they all had different favorites and were knowledgeable about the breeds. While we didn't take one home on that trip, we will certainly be back. My kids also enjoy the other animals and checking out the fish tanks.

Desiree Santoyo

Customer Comments: I bought a small little bunny last week. It was the cutest thing ever so I had to buy it! Hes so cute and sweet. Doesn't bite and always licks me. They didn't take the time to tell me his age tho. But they did give me some helpful information. The place sometimes smells but I understand they clean the dogs so it would smell a little.. overall I liked it. And my bunny loves his new home. I'm so happy cx

Julia Babinec

Customer Comments: I bought a puppy from here and he is a morkie. I got him June of 2015 and he was the best thing for my family! He has a perfect disposition and he's so adorable! He's a little over a year old now and I recommend this Petland 100%. Once you walk in, you'll fall in love.

Melissa Peterson

Customer Comments: I highly recommend this location! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the store is always clean. The fish selection is incredible! Highly recommend!

Cody Toliver

Customer Comments: Great place kids love to look at all the fish.

Julie Edwards

Customer Comments: I just want leave some info for people who are continuing to say that petland gets there puppies from puppy mills which is far from true, a couple of months ago they had a petition for people to sign to make a law that all pet stores get their animals from FDA approved licensed breeders. Petland is against puppy mild and always has been.

Denise Dering

Customer Comments: Great selection & friendly staff. Pricey adoption fees for puppies, though.

AJ Naps77

Customer Comments: This is one of the greatest aquarium store I've ever visited ever. Great people, fantastic displays, very knowledgeable employees. Leyland is the man, most helpful person ever.

Robert Landell

Customer Comments: Excellent fish and pet supply store. Wwaayyy better than Petco!

Jared Picchietti

Customer Comments: I just went to look at the puppies, but all the animals there seemed healthy, at least. It seems like a good place to go for pets and pet supplies.

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